Spotlights in new Fan Feed

The "Explore Wikis" module with three spotlights.

Spotlights are found in the "Explore Wikis" section of the Fan Feed. Spotlights are created by Fandom staff and run for a few weeks.

Although most of the spotlighted communities are chosen by Fandom staff, Fandom users can also request a spotlight for any community by adding a request to the spotlights request page (except international requests, see Helpful tips).

A spotlight is a great way to raise your community's visibility within the general Fandom community. You might request one to mark a major milestone, such as a new series on a tv show, or a new release of a game. Or maybe you just think it's time to show off all your hard work!

What are the guidelines?

Any community can be spotlighted if it meets the basic "helpful tips". These include a minimum of 200 content pages, a good category structure to organize the content, a customized appearance and an informative main page. You can read the full list on the request page.

Helpful tips

  • If you are not an administrator for the community that you wish to spotlight, please discuss it with the local administrators first and provide a link to the conversation as part of your request. They will be responsible for handling any influx of new contributors and need to be ready and willing to do so.
  • You can request up to two spotlights a year for your community; these can either be back to back or spread out by several months.
  • International Spotlights should be requested through the spotlights request page on Community wiki for your language.

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